At arcsec, our mission is to bring compact and affordable, high accuracy pointing solutions to CubeSats and SmallSats, so they can carry out the missions that bring humanity forward.

Full ADCS Solutions

The Arcus ADCS is an autonomous, highly accurate Attitude Determination and Control system for CubeSats up to 12U.

The system takes care of all your mission’s pointing needs

Star Tracker

The Arcus ADCS star tracker determines the attitude with an arc second range accuracy. It is a fully autonomous, low power system with integrated baffle that was specifically designed to work within a CubeSat.

Reaction Wheels

The Arcus ADCS reaction wheels give high torque and momentum capacity to your CubeSat. They have undergone a thorough test campaign and lifetime test

Custom ADCS Solutions

Every mission has its own requirements. We can offer you a custom ADCS that is fully tailored to your satellite.